October 8, 2011


Another in the tile series, this time I was thinking about regeneration and rebirth:

Redwoods have a growth pattern where saplings will sprout out around a mature tree, which is why, when you're in the woods, you can see a dead, lightening-struck tree stump in the middle of a circle of young, vibrant trees. It seemed an excellent example of regeneration.

(I realize that a Phoenix would have been more traditional, but I've been trying to stay away from traditional in these tiles.)

A note about this design (as it is a blog about learning to use Photoshop): This was a quick design and not nearly as detailed as a lot of what I construct. I like it, but it was such a different process and end product that I'm still getting my eye in for it. I am always excited, though, when I come up with something that has a different flavor than earlier images.

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