August 27, 2012

Marathon Poster

Oddly enough, I'd been thinking about doing a poster for awhile, and wanted to run with a different style for my latest project:
(click for a larger version)

My inspiration was vintage posters, such as these, among others.

August 13, 2012

June Runs a Marathon

I've posted a few times about June Runs a Marathon, and I'm very pleased to announce that it's now available in the Apple Bookstore!

The story is about June, a small toy giraffe, who lives in a little girl’s room and loves to run. She loves to run so much that she decides to enter a marathon. Read about June’s adventures as she overcomes obstacles to complete the race in triumph.

You can find the book in the iTunes store.

(We've also updated the books site, so now all three books – A Small Cat, June the Giraffe and June Runs a Marathon – can be found there.)

July 9, 2012


I wanted a different sort of challenge, so I created a leaf in Photoshop, seeing if I couldn't make something a bit more nuanced. This was all about shadows, layers and gradients:

(It's based on this photograph.)

June 28, 2012

June Registers for the Race

In an earlier post, I mentioned June Runs a Marathon. The book is coming along well, and I wanted to share a page that follows up from the earlier post:

Click on the image for a larger version
 – as this is two pages from the book, it's hard to read at this size.

June 12, 2012

A Small Cat and June Move into the iBookstore

There have been a couple projects in the works around here, and I'm very excited to announce one of them today. We recently submitted books to the Apple iBookstore, and A Small Cat and June the Giraffe are now available.

To celebrate, we have a brand new books page, which includes a free June wallpaper.

So please, check everything out and let us know what you think.

Dappled Shade Books

May 20, 2012

June Wallpaper

I'm working steadily away on June Runs a Marathon (as well as a few other projects), but took some time to put together a June the Giraffe wallpaper:
June the Giraffe Wallpaper

A copy is available for download here.

May 13, 2012


Cats frequently show up on this blog. In fact, one of the first posts I put up featured a cat - it was a visual representation of mischief:

This cat is full of angles and points:

Then, a little later on, I got interested in laying out text and decided to put together a short story about a cat. A cuter, rounder cat seemed called for:

Most recently, I started on a picture of the Fuzzball. It's not done, but the eyes are shaded in:

My point isn't about cats, but how much the images I'm putting together have evolved. Truthfully, I'm a long way from mastering Photoshop, but I can see evidence of improvement.

April 30, 2012

The Fuzzball

You hear that? That quiet whimpering? That's the sound of a blog neglected.

To help remedy matters, here's a Photoshop version of the Fuzzball:

(She's a very nice cat, but came to us with the name Velvet, so it was inevitable that she would end up with a nickname. Fuzzball on a good day; Fuzz for Brains on a less good day. We still claim she's called Velvet when we go to the vet, though.)

This picture is far from complete, but the eyes made me decide to share it.

The photo I'm working from is one of my favorites as Fuzzball just appears to be a series of circles, which is becoming increasingly accurate as she gets older:

February 28, 2012


A scene that's all peace and tranquility:

(Part of an illustration for the latest June the Giraffe book.)

February 7, 2012

'Never Again' Means 3 Months

After I posted June the Giraffe I was adamant that never again would I put together a set of images that included an animal with spots (or stripes or anything that changed orientation depending on perspective and position).

But I had this idea for another June the Giraffe book... 

And it kept making me smile...

And then there was the eBook, which was kinda fun...

So 'never again' became 3 months.

The new book isn't finished (or even close) but below is one bit I've been working on. It was particularly challenging because I had to design her from a whole different angle. The spots, at least, were easier this time. :-)

I started with a very rough set of sketches to help me think about the best image:

I chose one and designed the body and legs:

Obviously still pretty rough. The next step was to sort out the facial features (including relative heights of the ears):

And then add the mane and tail:

A few more adjustments, some spots added in, and a completed giraffe (for now, at any rate :-) )