July 2, 2011


I've shared some tile images before — this is one for Panic:

When people panic, their thoughts go off in all directions and they lose focus, frantically searching for a solution.

Side note: 
I started off with the idea of anxiety and wanted to show a "final exam" image with the answer "I have no idea" checked for each question. I decided against it in the end as it wouldn't look very compelling, but it reminded me of a story. Quite awhile ago now, I took an exam where I had no idea what the answers were. I ended up deriving them (along the lines of 'I know fact A and I know fact C, so therefore I can arrive at B.'). I don't think I did all that well, but fortunately there was a curve — I ended up with an A- in the class. The added bonus was that since that day I have never had an anxiety dream about not knowing the answers on an exam.

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