February 7, 2012

'Never Again' Means 3 Months

After I posted June the Giraffe I was adamant that never again would I put together a set of images that included an animal with spots (or stripes or anything that changed orientation depending on perspective and position).

But I had this idea for another June the Giraffe book... 

And it kept making me smile...

And then there was the eBook, which was kinda fun...

So 'never again' became 3 months.

The new book isn't finished (or even close) but below is one bit I've been working on. It was particularly challenging because I had to design her from a whole different angle. The spots, at least, were easier this time. :-)

I started with a very rough set of sketches to help me think about the best image:

I chose one and designed the body and legs:

Obviously still pretty rough. The next step was to sort out the facial features (including relative heights of the ears):

And then add the mane and tail:

A few more adjustments, some spots added in, and a completed giraffe (for now, at any rate :-) )

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